“I have to admit that I was not originally a fan of wood play furniture. As a welder I preferred metal until I found myself strapping someone to Modig’s Geisha. The craftsmanship was incredible, better than many other high end toys I had used.

The first time I used the Geisha there were two people doing a rope suspension scene from the center arc and another couple strapped to the other side of the Geisha engaged in a flogging scene similar to mine.

Never once did I feel like we were even testing the limits of the Geisha’s strength. It remained rock solid and continued to do so over the years as Modig disassembled it to transport it from event to event where it was reassembled. Modig makes many other pieces aside from the Geisha and every one I have had the pleasure to play on has been of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Modig has a passion for his work and it shows in the care he takes in every piece.”

-Nix Rodriguez, Firebird Leather

“Such amazing detail and dedication, each piece is truly a piece of functional art.”



Everyone want's to play on Modig's Wood!

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